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About Us


LOST, also known as Living Outside of Suffering and Trauma, was created with the aim of changing the way the world approaches mental illness. Mental health problems and illnesses affect approximately 1 in 5 people; while also affecting the families, friends and loved ones of these individuals.

Our organization provides a low-cost, safe and inclusive space, for communities to learn, share, and practice, effective coping strategies, self-awareness and self-confidence, while helping to reduce hospitalization and symptom distress, and improving social support and quality of life.

The LOST community is ever-expanding, so come and get LOST with us!


To support individual wellness in communities across Canada by providing organized mental health-peer support groups, community yoga classes and volunteer opportunities.


“Come as you are, and give what you can”. To provide a safe space for these individuals to find support and acceptance.


Provide volunteering opportunities and expand the support community for those who are struggling.


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