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Get LOST, with us.

LOST is a drop-in centre for the maintenance of good mental health and its primary resource is a Mental Health support group called "Living Outside of Suffering and Trauma," an acronym for LOST. The group is offered three-times daily and is led by knowledgeable peer support facilitators who guide attending members through a series of hand-designed programs, which are composed of research-based topics that rotate indefinitely; including coping mechanisms, life skills, and unique activities that help educate and promote mental wellbeing. New members can join free of charge at any time as the group’s do not require formal registration or refferals. This allows us to eliminate wait times, costs, and start dates which often rage from 15-59 weeks to access a psychiatrist and 3-22 weeks for psychotherapy and are a current barrier for individuals seeking care in Ontario. LOST is a maintenance program and membership never expires. Just like the physical body, the brain needs to be exercised, so members are encouraged to keep coming back for as long as they wish.

The LOST Organization’s services extend beyond the peer-support sessions and include other complimentary resources such as yoga, meditation, workshops, one-on-one consultations, mentoring, addictions support, life-skills management, system navigation, and crisis intervention services. The individualized client-based care is available at any time throughout the day by staff or trained volunteers, and the space is available for use all day as a “clubhouse,” meaning members can drop in anytime during operating hours to utilize the space as a community centre. A clubhouse environment helps members alleviate feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and stress, while also reducing unnecessary hospital visits when individuals feel triggered or overwhelmed. The organization also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that help assist members with workplace rehabilitation and confidence. At LOST, members are able to find a sense of self, purpose, and community, which we believe are essential building blocks for mental wellbeing and sustainable recovery. 

LOST also offers a variety of other house-designed programs, which include a Life Skills Group, a Mindful Melodies Music Group, a Creative Expression Art Class, an Addiction & Substance Abuse Management Group, and a program called Mental Health & Spirituality that explores alternative practices for Mental Health management. The LOST Organization offers a broad spectrum of mental healthcare approaches because we are aware that recovery is not one-size-fits-all so we aim to eliminate these barriers by giving our members choice.